Drip Irrigation Install


This is our veggie garden and it is a large portion of the irrigation that we will be doing.

We have had what many considered a 3 year drought, by this time last year our water bill was through the roof and most of our veggies were drying up and dying off.  The previous two years weren’t quite as bad but they were no doubt hot and dry.  It was all we could do to keep our garden green.  Since we have been gardening and doing a fair amount of research we have learned that building good soil actually helps retain what water we might have to put on our garden during these hot and dry Oklahoma summers.  A wise man once said, “The best place to store water is in the soil.”  So, while were are building that soil up we are going to be using some drip irrigation to keep things humming along when the weather is at its worse.


In this shot you see Ma’s butterfly/herb garden and a couple of my trees and shrubs.

I figure at most we will need to run this system during July, August and part of September but over time as we add more compost and plant more guilds we will in turn make more shade and build soil chock full of beneficial organisms and this need for supplemental irrigation should lessen quite a bit if not all together.

Well, that’s about all I got, take it easy.



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