Tick Borne Illness


Ma here. We seem to live in a hotbed for tick activity. Three years ago Pa, who rarely gets ill started in with what at first he thought was just a bad headache and sore back.  Continue reading


Composting & More Repurposing


Ma here. Pa and I have been very busy this spring. Figured we’d best get another post up before we get too far behind. Check out or new compost bins, ain’t they just purty? Continue reading

Things Goin On.

Our temporary makeshift rain catchment.

Our temporary makeshift rain catchment.

Ma and I have been hard at work around the farm getting things ready for the upcoming growing season.  I found an ad from a friend on facebook that had these lick tubs for sale for $5 each.  They will serve as a good part of our water catchment until we get something a little more permanent and then we can use them for tree planters and who knows what else.  Maybe a water feature in the food forest.  Hey, that’s an idea!

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