One Of The Good Guys And A Couple Other Things.

Assassin Bug hiding in a jujube tree.

Assassin Bug Hiding In Our Contorted Jujube Tree.

I spotted one of the good guys while I was out walking the garden this evening.  I have recently seen herds of baby grasshoppers and a few Japanese cucumber beetles so these guys are more than welcome. We started out the summer with lots of beneficial insects but over the last couple weeks they seem to be declining since the hot and dry weather has really set in.  So in turn, I have been planting lots of Continue reading

Just A Little OKA Update

Our Apache Thornless Blackberries are coming right along.

Our Apache Thornless Blackberries are coming right along.

This is the third year for our Apache Thornless Blackberries and man have they put on, the fruit is just now ripening.  I am really excited to have a cobbler and some homemade ice cream soon, as a matter of fact, I know of no other way to get fat that brings me as much joy.

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Drip Irrigation Install


This is our veggie garden and it is a large portion of the irrigation that we will be doing.

We have had what many considered a 3 year drought, by this time last year our water bill was through the roof and most of our veggies were drying up and dying off.  The previous two years weren’t quite as bad but they were no doubt hot and dry.  It was all we could do to Continue reading