Just A Little OKA Update

Our Apache Thornless Blackberries are coming right along.

Our Apache Thornless Blackberries are coming right along.

This is the third year for our Apache Thornless Blackberries and man have they put on, the fruit is just now ripening.  I am really excited to have a cobbler and some homemade ice cream soon, as a matter of fact, I know of no other way to get fat that brings me as much joy.


A view of our bag garden and barrels from between the peach and apricot trees.

This area is going to get the drip irrigation treatment in the next couple of days. You can see the pipe that I have laid out in the background of the above shot.  Fact is it should have been done this evening but as it turns out I was missing a couple parts.  I also had one helluva time finding my gumption today so the missing parts came as a welcome diversion and a pretty good reason to just take it easy this evening.


They finally figured out there is water in that bathtub.

Yup I took it easy and watched my ducks as they finally discovered the bathtub I gave them was actually full of water.  When we got the ducks Ma and Fish taco told me our ducks were dumb. WHAT?  See, when I was a kid we had a few ducks, I don’t remember them being overly dumb.  When my counterparts made such a rash decision I was firmly planted on the side of the dumb ducks. I mean I don’t really consider the chickens to be overly intelligent surely a duck is as smart as a chicken right?

We finished the fence on the 22nd or 23rd of June so they have been in there with a tub full of water for two weeks or there abouts.  I have gone as far a picking a couple of them up and show show them that it was there, only to have them shoot out of the tub like a shot. So for the last couple weeks they have been living out of a 4 gallon goat-lick bucket and I have been hauling those buckets of water to my fruit trees. From this point forward though, I will be able to water my trees with the hose you see connected to the tub.

Well, that’s about all I got, take it easy.



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