NYALS – Not Your Average Laundry Soap


NYALS - Not Your Average Laundry Soap

NYALS – Not Your Average Laundry Soap

Ma here. This morning I had to mix up a new batch of my homemade laundry detergent. We call it NYALS – Not Your Average Laundry Soap. Continue reading


Memories on the Line

wpid-img_20140723_090418.jpg Ma here. Nothing in the world quite like the smell of clothes dried in the great out of doors in my humble opinion. Continue reading

The Rooter Pot Experiment Pt. 01

I saw these Rooter Pots a while back and thought I might like to give them a shot. I made the purchase and then researched them. I didn’t find much on them so I hope that’s not a terrible thing. They are basically a special built tool for air layering. I have tried with a plastic bottle and I have tried with plastic Continue reading