Help Me ID This Tree/Shrub?



If you could, help me id this tree that we spotted in the woods in NE Okla. this evening while out hunting morels and digging wild strawberries.  It was in full bloom, the bees and pollinators of all sorts were all over it.

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Texasprepper2 Greenhouse Build Post


The TexasPrepper2 greenhouse is all set in it’s permanent space in the garden/orchard, that trellis in the front is our newly planted hardy kiwis, I will be following up on them in the future.  As far as the greenhouse goes, the rest of this post will kind of show you how we got to this point with it.  What I won’t be doing is giving any particulars about dimensions because he is now selling a book with plan on amazon and it would be like stealing from him to do that.  Go buy his stuff!

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Texasprepper2 Greenhouse Plans


Head’s up! Texasprepper2 is going to pull his greenhouse plans soon so that he can sell them on so you better get them if your going to!  Here is a  sneak peak of what ours looks like so far.  We will do a full build post before long.  We have to finish up the door and vent window and get it moved.

That’s about all I got, Take it easy!