Battle Of The Invasives


Autumn Olive Leaves and Blossoms.

I hear so much stuff about invasive plants.  “Oh you don’t want to plant that it’s invasive!” or “You better get a jug of RoundUp! That stuff will take over.”  About a  year or so ago I found a plant growing in the woods across the road and inquired on social media as to what it was.  It turns out the only right answer that I got was from a Kansas University Plant ID Twitter account.  That person told me it was the “Dreaded Autumn Olive” Continue reading

Things Goin On.

Our temporary makeshift rain catchment.

Our temporary makeshift rain catchment.

Ma and I have been hard at work around the farm getting things ready for the upcoming growing season.  I found an ad from a friend on facebook that had these lick tubs for sale for $5 each.  They will serve as a good part of our water catchment until we get something a little more permanent and then we can use them for tree planters and who knows what else.  Maybe a water feature in the food forest.  Hey, that’s an idea!

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Urbanite And Other Things.

Urbanite pile.

Urbanite pile.

Urbanite on Off Kilter Acres is not a person who lives in an urban area, it’s this beautiful stuff, basically used concrete and stone.  We love repurposed material here on the OKA and we happened to run onto some urbanite so we are going to use it for a mandala Continue reading

It’s Gonna Be A Busy Spring Ma!

Image Credit goes to John Kitsteiner of Temperate Climate Permaculture.

Image Credit goes to John Kitsteiner of Temperate Climate Permaculture.

Welcome!  For the last few years Ma and I have really been working towards becoming more food secure and at the same time trying to build our little farm up to a place where we will be able to take it easy once we get older.  Part of that strategy is planting perennials  and lots of them.  We already have a nice lot of fruits and vegetables going but this year is definitely going to be a big Continue reading

One Of The Good Guys And A Couple Other Things.

Assassin Bug hiding in a jujube tree.

Assassin Bug Hiding In Our Contorted Jujube Tree.

I spotted one of the good guys while I was out walking the garden this evening.  I have recently seen herds of baby grasshoppers and a few Japanese cucumber beetles so these guys are more than welcome. We started out the summer with lots of beneficial insects but over the last couple weeks they seem to be declining since the hot and dry weather has really set in.  So in turn, I have been planting lots of Continue reading