Rooter Pot Update and Other Things Goin On.

New Nursery Area.

New Nursery Area.

T-posts Cattle Panels And Zip Ties Are A Must Around Here.

T-posts Cattle Panels And Zip Ties Are A Must Around Here.

The big project his weekend was to get our nursery moved up closer to our Zone 1 area.  We have to work so much in this area at this time of year that I was wearing holes in my boots getting out there as much as I needed to.  If permaculture has taught me anything it’s to work smarter, not harder and this move certainly fit the bill.  There will eventually be a much better looking fence around it but for now this is going to work well and it doesn’t look too awful bad.

This Bucket Full Came With Extra Gravy.

This Bucket Full Came With Extra Gravy.

This weekend we also made some steps at gathering up the needed components for a nice new batch of 18 day Berkeley Compost.  The last time I used mostly chicken and goat poo, because that is what we have on hand but this time I really wanted to take it up a notch so we made our way of to The Casino Queen’s place and I got a nice truckload of cow and donkey shit.  That ought to really make for some interesting compost.  I can’t wait.

Road Kill Opossum Smells Bad But Draws The Flies Like A Champ.

Road Kill Opossum Smells Real Bad.

I’ve got a bit of a brain teaser for you.  Why did the permaculturist cross the road and shovel up a dead opossum and haul it to his little food forest?

Marvene from work told me she was having her yard raked over the weekend and wanted to know if I still wanted leaves.  Well yes, who wouldn’t, right? Anyway she got the job completed and was ready for me to come get them so I stopped by on my lunch break and got one load.  Then after work Bugtussle and I got he rest of them loaded up.  He took a few bags home to use on his trees and I kept the rest to use around here.

Well, that’s about all I got, take it easy.



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