The Rooter Pot Experiment Pt. 01

I saw these Rooter Pots a while back and thought I might like to give them a shot. I made the purchase and then researched them. I didn’t find much on them so I hope that’s not a terrible thing. They are basically a special built tool for air layering. I have tried with a plastic bottle and I have tried with plastic Continue reading


What Is Brush?


This doesn’t look like an average garden or orchard, some might think it was overgrown and out of control. Does it look brushy to you?

I woke up this morning like normal, took care of the normal morning business and filled my mug and proceeded to head out for work. As I am making my way to the truck I notice a large pick-up truck with a tank of toxic gick on the back blow past my house. I wondered out loud what was up with that and Ma tells me, yeah, there were quite a few guys along the ditches with back pack sprayers on when I took Fish Taco to work this morning.

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