The Rooter Pot Experiment Pt. 01

I saw these Rooter Pots a while back and thought I might like to give them a shot. I made the purchase and then researched them. I didn’t find much on them so I hope that’s not a terrible thing. They are basically a special built tool for air layering. I have tried with a plastic bottle and I have tried with plastic wrap and foil and I just think these will be more handy and last longer. Here is the first video in what will hopefully be a series on the subject as I try to gather a genetically diverse collection of fruit, nut and nitrogen fixing support trees from this area in Oklahoma.

Buy Rooter Pots

Well, that’s about all I got, take it easy.



2 thoughts on “The Rooter Pot Experiment Pt. 01

  1. Looking forward to trying this, thanks for sharing! I wanted to mention that I signed up for the mailing list at your linked supplier for these pots, and they emailed me a free shipping coupon. I checked around and they do seem to have the best price on the product, at least in retail quantities. So, they’re on the way. I’m hoping to move soon, and hoping to get some nice starts off some plants in my current yard to take with me!

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