Composting & More Repurposing


Ma here. Pa and I have been very busy this spring. Figured we’d best get another post up before we get too far behind. Check out or new compost bins, ain’t they just purty? We have been building compost in a number of areas strategically placed around the farm, but decided we needed to use a few of the pallets layin around the place and get some ultra fancy ones built. We used a total of seven pallets. Three for each bin and one cut in half for the front to allow for turning and whatnot. We placed these just outside our chicken yard and just uphill from the current kitchen garden/orchard spot. Pa has thought on this placement for a while. He figures when and if we get a good gulley washer, the nutrient rich water will flow right on down to where we need it.


Now, having the bins right outside the chicken yard, we both had mental images of the birds having a right ole hay day throwing everything¬†out and scattering it all around. Pa, who is always on the lookout for random things we can repurpose on the farm came home last year with a trampoline base and one of them fancy nets that keeps the young’uns from falling on their heads. They both have been taking up space, just waiting to be called into use. Well, we put our heads together on a way in which we could put that net to use on our new bins. We did some very technical measuring – ya know the type, where you hold it up there and see if it fits? Turns out the net was purt’near the perfect height and was more than long enough to go all the way around both bins with some to spare… SCORE! By using the netting the chickens can hop on in there and scratch to their heart’s content, but not throw anything out. In addition, we are still allowing for great airflow through all the composting material. I went to cutting that netting to fit.

The net had a zipper right in the middle, for the kiddos to get in and out when they want to bounce their brains loose. Our plan was to cut the net in such a manner that we placed the zipper right smack in the middle of our bins. The net also has premade button-type holes for attaching to the trampoline frame. We lined the button holes up with the top. Pa ran screws in to where the head stuck out just about a quarter of an inch. We simply used the button holes and hooked them on to the screws, easy peasy. By positioning the net the way we did, we can unzip that bad boy right down the middle and fold either or both sides back and have plenty of room to get the pitchfork in there to turn our compost. When we are done, zip it back up and we have a nice tidy little system going. We can also remove the entire net if the need ever arises.


Here’s a bonus pic of the completed project. Yep, that’s me showin off my mad modeling skills. I was goin for that “Price is Right” viola moment. Well, this is what ya get.

With that, I’m off!






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