Meet Enloe


Ma here. I’d like to introduce Enloe, 11 weeks old, 20 pounds of loving puppy sweetness. His mom is a Catahoula mix and dad is full blood Great Pyrenees. Enloe is the newest addition to Off-Kilter Acres. Were we planning on another dog? Well, no.  See, Fish Taco has dreamed of owning his very own dog ever since he was a wee one. He and a long-lost relative & coincidentally neighbor came home toting this chunk of pup. The pup was their pick of the litter, and after much thought, they decided that if the pup came to live on our homestead, they could still see it grow up.  Fish Taco says “I think we need this dog,” the look of hope in his eyes was almost too much for me to resist. I took that baby in my arms. The immediate kisses and that sweet, slightly skunky scent of puppy breath was my undoing. Remember me telling you about Will Power running off? Well, he hasn’t come back yet, as you can see.


Fish Taco eagerly agreed to the responsibility of dog ownership, and I stressed the point that Enloe would be an outside dog, to guard the farm and animals. Of course Fish Taco would have agreed to just about anything as the possibility of owning his very own pup loomed before him. First order of business was to fashion a temporary pen until Enloe gets a little bigger and makes friends with the rest of the pack.

That first night Enloe cried, barked, howled and was generally unhappy. He kept slipping out of his pen. Fish Taco went out and sat with him until the pup finally laid down and went to sleep. I think Fish Taco spent a large portion of that first night out there with his pup. The love they already have for each other just radiates. The next day Fish Taco had work and I was chief babysitter. I was in charge. I was the boss. And well….


It would really be nice if that darn Will Power would return, because, as you can see in less than 24 hours Enloe made his way not only into my heart, but into the house… Oopsie! Poor baby just sat outside and howled  and cried, kept slipping his makeshift pen.  His wails just almost broke my heart.


He accompanied me to the food forest area while I put my rice knife to work, and well, when I needed to go in to tend laundry and rest a bit SOMEHOW that sweet baby made his way in. I tell ya, I’m not exactly sure how that happened (wink wink).

He wallered the floor a bit, chewed on his rawhide a bit, and was just too sweet and calm to banish to the outside all alone and crying.

When he flopped down and used my foot as a pillow that sealed the deal. Yes, he’s a puppy, and yes there will be accidents, but hey, what’s one more? Fish Taco is already accusing me of spoiling his baby. It seems I am always blamed for spoiling all the animals on Off-Kilter Acres. I really don’t understand why. But I tell ya, I am so grateful for the man that Pa is. He doesn’t get all caught up on the small stuff. As long as we are all happy, Pa pretty much rolls with it. Occasionally he puts his foot down, like when I wanted a breeding pair of mini donkeys, and when he does I always respect his decision. At the same time I try my very hardest not to ask for too much.


In the end, Enloe slept in Fish Taco’s bedroom last night. He started outside, and I wondered how long Fish Taco could resist that poor pitiful howling that Enloe was belting out. Wherever Fish Taco goes, Enloe is right on his heels. If you ever want to see that unbridled adoration and unconditional love, all you need to do is look at Fish Taco and his very own first ever pup. I think he made a great choice in his baby, or maybe Enloe made the better choice in his Daddy. Either way we have a very happy young man on the farm, and that in itself makes me very happy. Thanks again, Pa, for letting it all happen.

And with that, I’m off!



5 thoughts on “Meet Enloe

  1. At 11 weeks, if you want him on livestock he needs to be in with the livestock NOW. He needs to learn that the livestock is his familly and that may also help with his loneliness. He needs his replacement livestock pack… If you keep him around inside pretty soon that will be you guys and livestock may look like toys… Good luck with your new puppy!

    • I agree La Femme Farmer! I have read and been offered differing opinions. I guess just pick one and go with it. It’s all a learning experience right now, and in the end it is Fish Taco’s choice how his pup is raised. I know He is just too sweet for words when he looks up at me with those bright eyes!

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