Broken Promises


Ma here, I promised myself again and again that this year I was not, I repeat NOT getting any new baby chicks. I’ve been repeating no. no. no in my mind for months now. So why do you see a baby chick sitting in my hand? Well I will have to blame Fish Taco for this. You see, he works at Orscheln Farm & Home, so is always keeping us updated on the kewl and unusual they get in. When they got the normal run of the mill chicks they always get, my promises stayed true.

20140312_082008 (1)

Until he texts me this picture and tells me they just picked up 2 boxes of chicks. Polish Crested and Jersey Giants, well DANG! So I tells Pa, “Hey, guess what, Fish Taco texted they got in Jersey Giants and Polish Crested chicks.” “Wellll,” he says, “I think we need us some Jersey Giants.”


Wellll, I agree with him, but I also think we need some Polish Crested as well. I have been wanting more since we lost Maxine and Juan. All that hatching, being thrown in a box and shipped overnight left my new babies oh so sleepy.


The Jersey Giants have been on the list for years now. They’re just flat out too kewl not to reside on Off-Kilter Acres.


Into the huge bathtub they go with chick starter, water and a heat lamp. So begins a new chapter on Off-Kilter Acres. These birds will be integrated into our flock, and in addition to their delicious eggs will be earning their keep by helping us to prepare areas for additional adventures in permaculture.

IMG_20140312_154512 I leave you with a shot of chick butts, because next to pig butts chickies are the cutest in my opinion.

And with that, I’m off!



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