Clearing A Path To Fungus… Hopefully.

The "before" shot if the area we worked on today.

The “before” shot of the area we worked on today.

I have been so stir crazy with the spring taking its time getting here that just about every waking minute is spent thinking about permaculture, thinking about all the fruit trees and berry bushes and garden veggies that I have to plant that it’s just about to make me go crazy.  But today at lunch I remembered a project that we talked about, and actually started, before we were plunged in to the winter of the Polar Vortex.  We want walking paths that will replace the ones that we had and lost across the road before my uncle sold his property.  The video above shows what Ma, Fish Taco and I did in just about 45 minutes this evening after I got out of work.  We are making these paths wide enough that they will be easily mowed with the brush hog and will be able to accommodate the odd fruit or nut tree in the near future.

Now, I know that is not a very entertaining video but it illustrates well what we are up against if it were all green you’d be a scratched up mess just trying to get through it.  This brush is so thick mainly because years ago when I moved onto this piece of property we brush hogged everything down.  When I lost use of the tractor and brush hog it all grew right back up with a vengeance.  Now I know from my permaculture learning and research that all of the stuff we cut down at the time has broken down and gone a long way towards building beautiful black soil.  For the longest time I thought it was a terrible thing that I didn’t have a 20 acre pasture and in a way it sort of bums me out to not have that blank canvas of a wide open pasture to design. In the long run though, I know that the soil is in much better shape for the way things went.  Hell, it’s just another example of the permaculture idiom that states “The problem is the solution”.  See, I had a problem of not having a tractor and brush hog that really bugged me but in the end the soil under all of those trees and all that brush is black, covered in leaves and teaming with life.  PROBLEM SOLVED!

One reason we are cutting paths is we want to hunt mushrooms and it will be time for morel hunting in a month or so.  We want to be ready, we also want to be able to get our hands on the pecans, the wild grapes, blackberries and the persimmons that are littered among all that scrubby brush.  There is a load of food out there in that mess that I don’t have to weed or mulch or water or feed and that my friends is a win win!  You know what’s crazy?  I’ve had a zone 5 for a long time, who doesn’t want a bountiful zone 5?

Man, have you guys signed up at Geoff Lawton’s website so you can get his weekly videos and information about the upcoming online PDC that he is planning?  If not I urge you to go there it’s free, he doesn’t spam you, once a week a week you will get an email about the video that is coming out on Friday.   These videos are in preparation for an online class that does cost money but there is so much precious information that is free, it’s insane.  I just wish everyone would go watch the freebies. Kinda like mom used to say, try it you might like it!  I am so confident Ma and I plan to take part in the PDC maybe I’ll see you there.

Well, that’s about all I got, take it easy.



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