A Beautiful Day To Reskin

Last year when we built our Texas Prepper Greenhouse I sort of cheaped out on the plastic and boy did we pay the price for it.  By August the skin was in tatters, by the middle of October it was all over my garden area.  What a mess! Yup, I got the 3 mil that they had at our local farm store even though the instructions said to get the 6 mil. If you build this greenhouse GET THE 6 mil.

Ma was in charge of the zip ties.

Ma was in charge of the zip ties.

This is the stuff that you want.  You can get it right here on Amazon from Warp Brothers.

6 mil plastic.

This 6mil plastic is the stuff you want.

This 6mil plastic is the stuff you want.

While we were at it we decided to replace some of the foam pipe insulation that was damaged after the plastic came off.  We also added a piece where the cattle panels come together in the middle.

All of the insulation has been replaced.

All of the insulation has been replaced.

One of the main things to get right is making sure the plastic is on straight.  If not you will end up not having enough to pull it tight when it comes time to staple it in place.

Ma getting it all situated the way she likes it.

Ma getting it all situated the way she likes it.

Once it’s all in and stapled you have to screw furring strips over the staples.  This step may not be absolutely necessary but it sure helps to keep it from pulling out when the wind blows like it is tonight and we are just getting started on our wind allotment for 2014.

We had some help from Fish Taco, he really helped out.  Six hands are always better than four.

There she is all skinned out.  We trimmed that excess plastic off of the bottom but I failed to get a picture of that.

The vent end.

The vent end.

One more shot of it.  I am so glad we had a day like today to work on it.  It makes the prospect of starting those seeds that much more exciting.  It won’t be long now!

The door end.

The door end.

The video that started it all.

He is charging for the plans now but they are very economical. Go support him he puts out good info.

The Homestead Advisor.

Well, that’s about all I got, take it easy.



4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day To Reskin

  1. First… the greenhouse looks great !
    Second… I have had several comments about the Warp Bro. plastic not lasting very long.
    I changed that link. I am now linking to another plastic on Amazon and to Greenhousemegastore.
    I also changed the link in my PDF, but can’t figure out how to edit an already published e-Book, so the Warp plastic link is still in the e-Book.
    Again… looks nice and thanks for the referrals !
    PS. Nice website, too !

    • Holy Cow TexasPrepper2?!?!?!?! Hey, heads up everybody, our blog has been graced by one of my all time favorite Youtube personalities. I’ve often wondered if you saw some of the hits to your website coming from our little chunk of the internet. By far our most popular posts have been the ones about your greenhouse.
      Interesting about the plastic, the first year we used to really cheap stuff and it didn’t even last a whole season. It was in full sun and driving Okie winds so it really took a beating. This time around we have used the thicker Warp Brothers plastic and it is now placed right next to the east side of our shed so that it is in full sun until about 2pm then it’s shaded for the rest of the day so hopefully it will last a tad bit longer. When it needs re-skinned we will get the new and improved plastic.
      Thanks for the heads up, for stopping by and we will keep the referrals coming!

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