Remember Your Gloves

Remember Your Gloves!

Remember Your Gloves!

So, Ma and I went to our friend Joy’s house to get some cuttings today, managed to get some bamboo (2 different kinds) and some sort of a hardy lime that actually makes fruit in Oklahoma, a mimosa and some wisteria.

Then we went to another friends house had a killer dunch (Dinner/Lunch) of cheese burgers and garden fresh veggies with bacon and I got to go scouting pawpaws for the first time this year. I’ve never seen so many pawpaws before! I can’t wait till they ripen. Thanks  Brad and Nancy, we had a great time!

NOTE TO SELF: Wear gloves and bring a pickaxe if you are going to try and dig bamboo, it’s savage stuff.

Well, that’s about all I got, take it easy.



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