More Work In The Food Forest


Those whiskey barrels you see in this shot have peppers, figs, goji berries and blueberries in them and before this evening they were randomly scattered all over the orchard.  Luckily though, Fish Taco was here and was willing to use his muscles to help me move them around.  I think they make a nice barrier along side our path, how about you?


Yesterday I planted the apple and one of our plums and today I started getting this whole area ready to mulch it up, Back To Eden style, of course.  I didn’t get any replies to my question about whether or not to leave the vetch so I decided to use it as an edge.


Here is the same area from a different angle with the paper in place ready for the mulch. See that vetch in the foreground? I hope it will go to seed so that I can get it growing exactly where I want it in the future.  If not it will get the chop and drop treatment.


Here is that same area with 6 inches of mulch applied, you talk about hold some water and help the fungi to flourish.  I still have to plant a bunch of things in there to make it really happen.  This time next year you are not going to recognize this little patch.  We are so excited we can hardly stand it.


It seems I always forget to take one shot or another.  This time I forgot to get a shot of this area with the newly planted yellow plum tree but if you look closely you can see it directly behind the contorted jujube that is in the foreground.  The goal tonight in this area was to get the bag garden placed, you can see it there at the top, and to get it all mulched into place.


This is what Ma looks like when I threaten to take a picture of her plumbers butt. I tried to explain that its cute but she disagreed completely.


Well, there it is all mulched in and ready for the support species to be inter-planted, same as the other bed.  We will fill in all of the other areas that you see in this shot with paper and mulch and plant it full of things. Again this time next year you are not going to recognize this little orchard.

Well, that’s about all I got, take it easy.


Back To Eden Film – Go Watch His Stuff


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