Diggin’ Holes An’ Fillin’em Up.


This is the first hole I dug today and I filled it with a plum tree. The stick you see poking out of the mulch in this shot is a Sugar Cane Jujube tree that I got this year.  We plan to do the Back to Eden mulch treatment around these two and the one in the next shot.


This is a Golden apple that I got this weekend at Lowe’s.  I managed to get 20% off because the pot was torn up and half the root ball was hanging out.  I hope it will make it okay, it was in worse shape than it looked at the store. Again this whole area will be mulched heavily and inter-planted with various herbs and shrubs and stuff. If you look closely in the bottom of this shot is a whole mess of vetch I’m not sure if I will cut it and throw it under the mulch or let it grow and mulch with it later.  What would you all do?  Man, I love this time of year.


This is a little apricot tree that went in between my two peach trees that were planted going on 4 years ago.  Those peaches really don’t look to have grown a whole lot until you get a brand new tree next to them. Gotta love that progress. I still have a bunch to get in the ground before things settle down a bit.  Two hazelnut, a couple muscadine vines, a raspberry bush, a couple bush cherries and another apple.  If we can find all of the stuff we need like herbs, flowers, habitat for predators and all of the other stuff that a system like this needs then I feel like we will have a hell of a start on a nice little food forest.


I got a bonus for you.  What in the wide, wide, world of sports is this plant? Also, while I have your attention, how do you guys identify plants?  I have the National Audubon Society books of  North American Wild Flowers app but it is far from complete.   Maybe I need the National Audubon Society books of  North American weeds.

Well, that’s about all I got, take it easy.


Raintree Nursery – Jujube Trees

Back To Eden Film – Go Watch His Stuff

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